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Comp-U-Talk, Inc.

Making Computers Speak Your Language

Looking for knowledgeable computer help? Look no further. Comp-U-Talk has been in existence since 1984. We "Grew Up" in the computer industry and understand the "Ins & Outs", "Whys & Wherefores" of the industry.

Computer Sales & Repair

Whether you are looking to purchase a new computer or repair an existing one, we can help. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose what is right for you and keep it inside your budget. We will patiently explain the terminology and when your computer is ready to go home we will give you a demonstration of "Problem Solved" or if purchasing new, provide a two hour orientation to be certain you are comfortable with the navigation of a new operating system.

Network Installation

Have a network? Want a network? Comp-U-Talk is a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist. In English: We can install and maintain your business network regardless of whether it resides in one building in one city or if it is scattered across several buildings and several cities.

Network Monitoring

  • Once the network is functional, it is fairly important to keep it functional. We can provide 24/7/365 monitoring of your environment and respond to and solve problems oftentimes before you even realize there is a problem.

Backup Services

90% of businesses that experience a major catastrophe such as hurricane, fire, earth quake, fail within 5 years of the disaster. Comp-U-Talk can help you determine a backup plan, both for offsite backups and local backups. No one plans to fail, but when you fail to plan, failure is eminent.

Web Site & Email Hosting

Professional businesses use email accounts that match their business name. Only the shady and lazy use yahoo, gmail, hotmail and other free accounts as their professional calling card. If you are in need of a web page and/or professional email addresses, give us a call. We can improve your image.


Need to fine tune your computer skills? We have staff who can teach you the most popular applications, including Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Access, E-mail and basic computer/internet usage.